Testimonials from our customers!

Great Dentures, Great Price, Great Service! by Dave Farley

I searched several places for bottom Dentures for my 85 year old Mom. Fortunately I found Dr Leon Brodie, DDS. He was so helpful and treated my mom like a queen! He makes everything right on site so we had new dentures the next day. THEY FIT perfectly, first time, no problems and the cost was over $500.00 bucks under anyone else we contacted. IF you want quality dentures, passionate service see Dr Brodie, DDS. Thanks so much Dr Brodie. IF we ever need more denture work we know who to call!

Fast and same day repair for my dentures by bb

I was so glad that I found Dr. Brodie online and called him the next day after my dentures was broken that night. I came to his office and he fixed it while I was waiting for it. The service was indeed very good, he is caring, explains things to me. I am just happy that I could go back to smile again without covering my mouth. Most of all, that there is Dentist like him that could accommodate one’s needs in case of NEED that no one can.

Great By Anthony by Tony

I have been to Dr. Brodie twice and he has done a wonderful job, very professional and excellent service. I recommend him to anyone for their dental needs and I will be returning for mine.


Dr. Leon Brodie is by far the finest dentist I have ever gone to in my 73 years of life (and I’ve been to lots of them!) I have had numerous dentures made, some of them supposedly by “the best”, and none of them ever made dentures that fit as well, looked as natural, were as quickly delivered or made as skillfully as by Dentures Inc. If you want great dentures and prompt service delivered by a dentist who is consciousness and caring go to Leon Brodie DDS! HE IS

AWESOME! GREAT!! by Very happy

Fast service at a great price! I have been extremely pleased!

Dr. Leon wants you

Great experience by John

I went to Dentures with my mother to have a major dental overhaul. She and I have both suffered with dental issues due to lack of dental benefits and flat out neglect. So we decided to get something done about it. We went into this situation having done our research.We really didn’t know exactly what to expect, but hoped for the best. We were treated with respect and dignity. The doctor worked diligently to get our entire process complete. We had x-rays, mold fitting of our mouth before extractions, MANY extractions (me-10, my mom-8), and dentures made. I really walked away from this feeling as though I was taken care of. Thankfully we have had no problem with our dentures thus far, and I feel confident that if we did, we could easily go back and be taken care of once again.I would certainly recommend that anyone in our same situation visit Dentures Inc. We were very satisfied with our care, and our product.

Great Job by Mike

Leon did a fabulous job with me and great guy. Inexpensive, kind, gentle and very caring. Makes sure you are comfortable. Recommend him, best for me and I’ve had a lot of dental work done. Great job Leon!

Well worth the Price! by All Smiles

I wanted a dentist and denture provider that provided quality service and dentures and who would be there should I have questions. Dr. Brodie provided all of that. I consider the money I spent for dental work at Dentures, Inc. one of the best investment in health care I have ever made.

Life saver at great price. by Sally

I got a lost denture replaced over night. How cool is that?

Great place for Dentures! by Ron

These people are friendly and know how to do dentures. Honest and prices were good for the area ( and I checked around)Very pleased! Highly recommended !!

My Experience with Dentures, Inc. by K J B

I first found Dr. Brodie when I saw his sign while traveling on Wadsworth Blvd. in 2008. I stopped in to get some information, that visit alone changed my life. Dr. Brodie was very kind, he actually LISTENED to what my problem with my current denture was, and what I was looking for in my new teeth. I got his price and decided to check out other places before making my final decision, as this was an expense I was not willing to make again any time soon. I decided to go back and get my teeth done with Dr. Brodie as he was the kindest, most honest of all the other four places I went to. He was straight up about the price, his product and best of all, what I wanted was exactly what I got. I had a fitting one day and my teeth the next afternoon. He has done some minor fittings, and I smile more now than I have in the last 8 years. If I had known it was this easy, I would not have suffered with my bad dentures this long. My recommendation for Dr. Brodie is beyond words.